你好 This is a multi-purpose blog dedicated to mainly my daily life and occasional review of Mandarin. I’m  Singaporean-born raised in America, now living in Singapore after 12 years. Right now I’m part of a performing arts school that focuses mainly on dancing; this is actually my first year & I hope to become a backup dancer, or the next Jolin Tsai.. I’m getting carried away. Sorry.

I hope this blog doesn’t bore you. If it does, then it’s MY blog anyway, so…

CIBAI’s links \\

  • polyvore (my personal is deactivated, so pm me on my rp account. )
  • 8tracks
  • email – matcha0330@gmail.com  as in, matcha green xD this is a shared email under my best friend’s name, so please refrain from sending personal messages.
  • AFF – ramyunnie

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