EXO-M ‘Love, Love, Love (梦中梦)’ – English Translation, Pinyin Lyrics, and Chinese Lyrics




Every day   every day   every day   I go back and forth searching   deeply afraid that I’ve missed you by a second

To the point that   after meeting  you   from then on I revolve around you protecting you

If you open this door   I just might not come back

On the other side of this tightly closed door   could be   the true love that I’ve been looking for for so long

The moment the door is opened   there is a whole new world   with new and unknown adventures

I see your smile   but there is a sigh that is hidden but present

Every step   lightly   slowly   gently taken

The ground under my two feet   the air I touch is full of your fragrance

How I really want really want   to always always be…

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[ FANFIC 팬픽 ] Pet Peeves


This is a list of my most common pet peeves when it comes to fan-fiction, specifically Asian fan-fiction.

  1. OC x  IDOL \\ Delusional fangirls. I just find it sad, okay? The entire point in fan-fiction is the group’s pairing, or the group in general. OC’s aren’t even supposed to exist. Like, where did they evolve from?
  2. CRACKSHIPS \\ I have difficulties reading something like Apink x EXO. WHEN WILL APINK EVER LOOK GOOD WITH A MALE GROUP THAT ISN’T AS GIRLY AS THEY ARE?
  3. EXO + CHINESE TERMS \\ Okay, so I’m sure all of you are familiar with South Korean honorifics, such as “hyung”, “noona”, “sunbae”, etc. In China, that doesn’t exist. Kris said it himself. What really bothers me is when authors involve “gege”. That’s Chinese for older brother. As in, LITERALLY, older brother. You can’t just have Tao refer to Kris as “Kris gege” or “Kris ge”. No. Unless it’s actually blood-related, LITERAL, brother, don’t use these terms. It’s just weird, and especially awkward for a Chinese person.
  4. Non-Native English Speaking AUTHORS \\ Beta-readers exist. English classes exist. Prompts exist. I’m sorry for my rudeness here, but beta-reading is free and if needed, I offer to beta-read stories/chapters before they are published. English grammar is what these authors need help on; I truly appreciate their effort, it’s just that I can’t always take them seriously. Especially if they attempt to write smut. It’s just…humorous. By prompts, I referred to prompt journals, such as exopromptmeme. If you feel your writing isn’t making the cut for the really good prompt you had in mind, just simply comment on the current post. This also applied to authors who RARELY update or suffer writer’s block frequently.
  5. Virgin Author SMUT-ATTEMPTS \\ It all started when I was scrolling through the Niel (Teen Top) tag on Tumblr one day. I came across a text post (y’know, those people who posts little oneshots) that was a very sad and disappointing smut attempt. The reason this is titled as “Virgin Author” is because…some people are so innocent they aren’t even comfortable with smut vocabulary. So, the Niel smut oneshot went a little like this… “He shoved his thing in her.” HIS THING.  Is this a joke? If you’re going to write smut, you need to be comfortable with it. The same goes for reading it. How old would this author have been? 11? You don’t always have to use words like “cock”, or “penis” ; such words are easily replaced with “member” or “erection” , I DONT KNOW. Just don’t use “thing” or “thingy”. As a writing rule, you should never use the words “stuff” and “things”.
  6. STUFFS and MATHS \\ Stuffs isn’t plural. There is never more than one Stuff. If so, just tell us what STUFF is. Using words as mentioned in #5 is just lazy. As for Maths, never use it in a sentence like “She needed to finish her maths homework.” Unless it is multiple types of Math courses, there shouldn’t be a plural. Overall, it just sounds stupid when you write stuffs and maths. ESP. reading it.
  7. KOREAN SCHOOL LIFE \\ I have several Korean student friends, so the schooling is pretty clear to me by now. They come back from school like at 11 PM and school starts at around 8 AM. There is no damn school bus. Students take public transportation or walk. Parents do not drop off their kids like in the white movies. They do not have homework either. If they spend 90% of their day at school, do you honestly think they’d have time for homework? This is why Koreans (or Asians in general) study religiously. It’s all about the grades.
  8. RAMEN AND KIMBAP \\ Did you know every South Korean meal consists of ramen and kimbap? DAILY ? OF COURSE NOT. There are several other dishes that exist in South Korea, and HAVE existed. The same applied to tteokbokki and Korean BBQ. They don’t call it Korean BBQ in Korea. GDI.
  9. NON-KOREAN SLANG \\ ohmygawd how this drives me crazy. Why in the world would a SOUTH KOREAN say “ain’t” or “yallz” ?!? The same goes for UK slang. “reckon” , “bloody” , “proper”. No no no no no. Just don’t use slang at all. I’m sorry.
  10. QUOTATION MARK REPLACEMENTS \\ This , I have discovered not too long ago, and it doesn’t bother me as much as “gege”, but it has to be said. Quotation marks are an important part of dialogue, and dialogue is an important part in a story. You can’t just replace ” with – IT SCREWS EVERYTHING UP.

These are my 10 FANFIC Pet Peeves. Feel free to let me know what yours are; xxx

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