rainpost yayyyy ^^

because i’m too lazy to post my latest reviews this month & the chinese review can wait.

anywhore, its finals week. i have been away from the internet for 5 WEEKS. well, except for AFF and Live Journal (on mobile during free periods).

i’ve been tutoring a freshman boy & i’m really dedicated to him. i don’t know why, i just really understand his frustration & how he gives up on himself and hides it with a little laugh, like “haha can’t believe i forgot that.” while he fixes his mistakes. but then i realized he’s me. he’s the boy version of me. we’re the same person. i’m basically tutoring myself. that’s why i’m not letting this kid slack off or just skip a problem he doesn’t understand. i’m so committed to get his grades up. just because i don’t want him to turn out like me. i’m indecisive ; i’m not even going to college. this fourteen year old needs to make something out of his life. & now it’s finals week, so i’m struggling with his study time, and mine. i don’t want to obsess over his grades because this is my senior year. i’ll only be here for him this year and then i’m leaving the country. i have to focus on my grades as well as his. asdfghjkl. i’m not a multi-tasker & this is only making me more stressed. i swear, if he fails any of his tests i’m just going to buy him some bubble tea and reassure him that there’s always next semester. oh god. i didn’t even know i was crying while writing this. thats weird. i never cry & this is so stupid.

zai jian c’:

exo, exo



#Rainpost: Update [?]


I’m Raina & this is a Rainpost. kkkk. itsbeenawhilehowawkward. BY THE WAY : NEVER DOWNLOAD A ZIP FOLDER -___- its called letmework.zip and apparently there’s no damn way to unblock my beloved websites. I’m just purposely going to get as many viruses in my laptop until my abeoji buys me a new laptop…or until my fake uncle can completely clean out my laptop & it’ll be new. Yay ;u; [Excuse my language. I have a swearing problem…hehe..]

Oh god I always get distracted xD I even forgot what this post’s original purpose was…hmm… *taps chin*


I wanted to write out all my anger in one post. Because hell yeah it’s my blog, therefore I can do as I please. *cough, Yongguk voice* CHYEAH.

The reason why I haven’t been posting, roleplaying, or anything related to the internet is because I get so bored. I don’t like roleplaying anymore. I’m finally taking dance & drama classes, so I only have enough time for school and my after school activities.

I honestly don’t know why I need to take dance classes… I can already dance… and I’m good at acting too. But my mom is finally letting me do something that I want to do. She used to forbid me from leaving the house, but now she lets me go to class and buy some lunch after.

I’m using my college money on a dance academy also. When I graduate — If I graduate…

I won’t be going to college. Its a waste of time. And I’m not good at studying or anything related to intelligence xD

So, the real reason why I stayed away from the internet is because I’ve been sad. I don’t want to call it depression because that word makes me cringe ;~; I’m a naturally happy and hyperactive person, so sadness and anger are extremely rare for me. I usually just brush off my problems and move on. I’m only sad because I realized I’m not good at anything. All my friends will be in college next year, and then they’ll have jobs and families. But I’ll be sent back to Singapore and I’ll be on my own. I don’t even know if I’ll still have a boyfriend, or my friends. I don’t know what to expect. What if my college money is spent on bubble tea ?! asdfghjkl.

Anyway, may the force be with you. Raina has a kdrama to watch c;

exo, exo


* CH Review part four will be up soon. I can’t make any promises. [Hint: It’ll be related to the terms that Exo has taught the Kpop fandom & a few more.]