『edits』part four


More EXO edits! I’ll post these and Xiumin’s edits on my tumblr later. I still haven’t stolen my sister’s laptop. kkkk.

I’m also going to edit C-Clown and LedApple soon. Its difficult for me to find LedApple pictures though T^T

I left the Okcatx watermark in the edits for a reason. Do not steal pictures. I worked had to edit these properly. Chyeah.

exo, exo







Because Dalila is my wife. I ship us. This is our very first couple selca. It was taken this summer. The first time her mom let her go out of her cave. Huehuehue ;u;;

Bye everyone. This is the last post of the night. Its 10:41 PM and I didn’t have coffee this time.

Make RainDal blogs and fanfics and yeah.

Chinese / RVW [3]


I feel terrible because I haven’t updated my CH RVW. This post will consist of the basics of my Chinese vocab. There won’t be as many pt’s (pronunciation tips) in here — simply because I think these won’t be difficult to pronounce. Besides, I’m sleepy. ;u; Just keep the asian accent in mind. Whenever you see a Z, pronounce the J — and X means Sh.

  • 我 Wo : I
  • 你 Ni : You
  • 你的 Ni De : Your
  • 是 Shi : Am/Is/Be/Are
  • 我的 Wo De : My
  • 有 You : Has
  • 和 He : And
  • 我们 WoMen : We (pt –woah’men not like women, in English)
  • 什么 Shenme : What
  • 怎么 Zenme : Why
  • 怎么样 ZenmeYang : How (pt – Jen me Yang, like in ‘yawn’)
  • 那 Na : That
  • 他 Ta : He
  • 会 Hui : Can (pt – h’way )
  • 不能 Buneng : Can’t
  • 不要 Buyao : Don’t  (pt – Boo yah-oh. Just like the pronunciation of ‘yaoi‘, without the i. )

▶ 歌词


I’m writing English versions of EXO-M songs … & 《MACHINE 》is first !▽ Since there isn’t any official instrumental audio, I planned on using a piano cover from Soundcloud (in case I end up having my waifu cover it…because I don’t sing. No. Just no. I only dance and write guys. Chyeah.)

Here’s the list of songs that I’m working on:

  • Dalla by Heyne ( no offense, but I really don’t understand how she debuted. She’s cute. But her voice should only be used for you know…animes , cartoons , and kid shows. Sigh. )
  • 0330 by U-KISS ( I don’t like U-Kiss’ comeback, and I’m stuck in the 0330 era. BB DONGHO WAEEE..)
  • Rain Sound by B.A.P ( I finished this one actually. I wrote it during my free period & it came out pretty sad. Just how I wanted it to be.)
  • Hello by  NU’EST ( Depressing song about infidelity. Yeah. Most of the inspo was from coughcoughroleplayscough )
  • Going Crazy by BangSong ( this one is halfway done. I just need to work on the damn chorus. Nothing I come up with fits the mood of the song, nor does it match the original lyrics )
  • Black by G-Dragon ( I kept some of the original rap lyrics in there. Most of its done, just need to revise it before I have my chingu cover it for me 😀 )
  • You Are My Everything by Davichi ( Because I loveeeeeeee ballads !I can never get over this song, or Turtle. The lyrics don’t relate to the original though. Its not as cry-worthy. )
  • Don’t Hate Me by Epik High ( I love Epik High. I wrote the lyrics in honor of their comeback. ILY AHJUSSHIS. )
  • I’m Sorry by 2PM (I left Taec’s cheesy first line in the beginning…because OkCat oppa’s voice @.@ )

Raina’s wishlist


I really hate shopping. Especially because its just walking around the mall & looking at all the clothes I love and can’t afford. & then I cry in the car once we’re driving home. Putting clothes back on the clothing racks is just really embarrassing for me. I can’t wait to get a credit card & affiliates. Maybe then I won’t have this problem. ^^ 


  • barcode sweater/tee
  • jeans (light washed & monochrome)
  • leggings (printed )
  • flatforms (white)
  • creepers (black)
  • collars (monochrome only) 
  • hair accessories 
  • beanies (monochrome)

shopping list for friends: 

  • watercolor paint + brushes (for naomi)
  • sewing basics (for lin unnie. unless she’s on her bitch week)
  • stuffed animal + phone charm (for my namja chingu ) 
  • pie + eyeliner (for bb dali )
  • something for ying unnie. . .

『edits』part three


My edits of Xiumin / Minseok. MY BB XIUXIU ASDFGHJKL.

baozi oppa is so cute. I have a thing for his legs. I want to make edits of Xiumin’s legs xD and Chen’s arms. @.@ drools all over le screen.

I’ll put these on my blog later…maybe tomorrow or sometime next week.

exo, exo




Since my parents forced me into learning mandarin, I decided to have some fun with it & write songs.. I’ve written songs before, so it was pretty easy. The bad part was, I didn’t have any inspiration to write. Without inspo, my songs sound random…like Akdong Musician xD humorous & cute ? :b

Anyway, I finished my song today! ^^ I read alot of MyungZy angst & was inspired right away xD So, my first mandarin-english song is complete! It also has a rap ❤ I just need to kidnap the neighborhood’s hipster guitarist so he can play for me. lol. at the moment, I only have the lyrics (and memorized the beat. yayy).

exo, exo