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Tones ; Chinese RVW [4]


Something I completely forgot to review before going straight into vocab & pronunciation was tones. This is actually the most important and difficult part when learning Mandarin. The alphabet consists of 29 letters (or sounds?) and there are about 5 tones (mainly 4, but there’s a weird 5th). I skipped this review lesson because I had already learned that during my childhood. Anyway, I’ll just review & share this.


  • TONE #1 : flat  ( in pinyin it would look something like this 一 + i = ī )

Firstly, keep in mind that its very flat & fast. while i was learning, my mom used the illustration of a sheep. “What sound does a sheep make?”  Except for this tone it has to be very short. OR you can just think of your first time learning the English alphabet: A is Apple. Say apple, but emphasize the tone used for the A. Repeat a few times, then try to read something in pinyin to practice).

  • TONE #2 : increase / slant ( in pinyin it would look something like this  á )

When asking a question, you most likely emphasize the last word or vowel. Keep that in mind when you use this tone. Always raise your voice / emphasize the last bit of this tone.

  • TONE #3 : emphasized slant ( more emphasized TONE #2. in pinyin it would look something like this ǎ )

Really? Rea-lly? Emphasize the last part. Look at the picture included and say Really? *If this helps, dip your head down while saying the first half, then go up as you get to the last.

  • TONE #4 : decrease \ ( in pinyin it would look something like this à )

Just like the first tone, this one is very fast. If you’re someone who likes being right all the time, you’ll easily pronounce this. Imagine you’ve just won a long and tiring argument; Say Ha! Very fast and sharp. Always emphasize more in the beginning.

I’ll be excluding the fifth tone  since it’s probably the shortest and most difficult to explain. I always like to think of those weird moments where you feel like you have to burp, but its soo small and then you just end up making an Uh sound. The fifth tone is so short it’s almost not even there.


If you’d like some websites to learn more about Mandarin tones, click these links provided below:

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Singapore: Blog #3


Since my last SG Blog update, I’ve been busy practicing/performing again. I’ve been outside of Singapore recently, but I return almost immediately after each performance. After abandoning my blog for a week (or two??) I figured I should update my followers, and anyone who views this (/points to my Singaporean & Malaysian viewers \\ I see you♥ ).

    1. By the way, I’m using my Speech class’ layout to organize my blog posts( and thoughts)  from now on! I hope this works out..


Today’s SG  blog post will update you on my dancing career, health/fitness, and lifestyle.

    1. Dancing Career \\ I performed a few times while I was gone, but it’s mostly practice. I am very good at memorizing the choreography by the first look, (maybe its my photograph memory..hmm), but I still like helping out my team and staying with them a few hours after practice so they get everything right. Besides, everyone likes being motivated, and I’m always there for that. I’m so busy with dancing and resting that I almost never get some time online anymore.. So, right now work is more important; I’d rather let down my online friends than my boss & team.
    2. Health&Fitness \\ I’ve been going to the gym a lot more… it’s a developing obsession, you could say.  In other words, I’m slowly becoming Yumi Bai (aka my role-model).  My body wasn’t as toned as it is now; It’s nothing worth showing off,  since it looks very average-Asian.. haha. I the future I will have something to be satisfied/proud of. “Sore is the most satisfying pain”—Yumi Bai
    3. Lifestyle \\  Back when I lived in the US, I only went out with friends, or I’d just stay home since I was never really allowed to leave my house. As an Asian-American, my parents always forced me to study and make education a religion, for ‘my own good’ , of course.  The gym is really new to me; I never like exercising since it seemed so boring compared to dancing. Okay, I’ll be completely honest… everything that wasn’t dancing was very boring to me.  Absolutely nothing interested me, until now. 

In conclusion, I’d like to thank whoever follows me or reads this blog. If there’s any typos, it’s because my eyes are half closed and I’m just updating this as quick as possible. Thank you! ♥ 


Della Ding (丁当) – 甩开 (Get Rid Of It)


Melody Show

June 2014:Mandarin

Della Ding - Dare To Love
ก่อนหน้านี้เคยอัพเดทไปแล้วว่า Della Ding ติงตัง กำลังจะมีผลงานเพลงอัลบั้มใหม่ “敢爱敢当 (Dare To Love)” ที่จะวางแผงต้นเดือนกรกฎาคม 2014 เพลงนี้ยังเป็นเพลงประกอบละครเรื่อง “A咖的路 (Rock N’ Road)” ก่อนหน้านี้แพรก็เคยแนะนำเพลงประกอบละครเรื่องนี้ไปแล้ว เป็นเพลงของเจียเจีย สำหรับเพลงนี้ของติงตังเป็นเพลงช้าค่ะ ฟังครั้งแรกแพรเฉย ๆ นะคะ อาจจะเพราะตอนแรก ๆ ของเพลงเนิบ ๆ แต่ท่อนฮุคของเพลงเพราะมาก เป็นเพลงเศร้า อกหักนะคะ

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